Many individuals spend a small fortune seeking to restore their smiles, only to receive what is commonly referred to as a big set of “Chicklet” teeth. All too often we see dental work that can appear crude or heavy-handed. This dreadful and disappointing result is the antithesis of ‘The Rifkin Experience.’ With a keen eye and master’s finesse, discriminating clientele trust in Dr. Rifkin’s unrivaled ability to create gorgeous, natural-looking smiles, and dentistry that doesn’t look like dentistry.


Dr. Rifkin displays a relentless passion for excellence in periodontal health, function and dento-facial aesthetics. He creates synergy between science, technology and fine arts. He also believes in a team approach to achieving optimal results for his patients, collaborating with both dental and medical specialists he’s personally hand-selected for their skill and integrity.



Creating natural-looking smiles requires intimate knowledge of, and appreciation for, the principles of natural beauty. Therefore, dento-facial aesthetics that successfully emulate the wondrous beauty found in nature is achieved only by the most skilled artistic hand.

Beauty in nature is not perfectly symmetrical. Elements of balance, harmony and composition are organically incorporated. Hence, reproducing facial beauty in the dental setting requires a merging of artistic inspiration and scientific discipline. When the dentist himself is a master of the artistic elements of balance, harmony and composition, dento-facial aesthetics is elevated to the level of living, breathing, visual poetry. True homage to the brilliance of nature’s beauty.

Dr. Laurence Rifkin’s innate brilliance and mastery of artistic principles plays a primary role in his having created the world’s most exquisite smiles for over three and a half decades.

We strive to deliver perfection in every smile and pleasure in every visit.
— Laurence Rifkin, DDS


When you choose Dr. Laurence Rifkin as your cosmetic dentist, you will quickly see the unique difference in his approach to both his patients and the science of dentistry. There is a reason why Dr. Laurence Rifkin is considered by many as the best dentist Beverly Hills has to offer.

The Rifkin Method is a series of steps created by Dr. Laurence Rifkin to bring about a superlative cosmetic dental result, but it is his attitude and an unmatched professional approach to each one of those steps that makes the resulting treatment truly exceptional.

The Rifkin Method Steps:

  • Consultation

  • Treatment Plan

  • Sculpting

  • Microscope

  • The Finish

Whether you have received dental treatment before, or are looking to resolve a dental situation for the first time, Dr. Laurence Rifkin will be crafting an individualized plan based on the unique elements of your treatment. After helping more than 70,000 patients and refining 4 decades of work, art, and science in the field of dentistry, Dr. Laurence Rifkin formulated “The Rifkin Method” as a dental experience that is unparalleled in its result.

“Its not a dental treatment - it is a dental experience that is unparalleled in result.”

- Dr. Laurence Rifkin


You will meet Dr. Rifkin for the first time and he will begin the first step of The Rifkin Method. This is not just a detailed consultation, it includes educational information for you to consider tailored to your unique dental circumstance.

In addition to carefully examining your teeth, Dr. Rifkin will examine the anatomy of your face, mouth and lips and their relationship to your teeth. All factors will be taken into consideration when crafting your treatment plan. You will see how Dr. Rifkin’s unique skill as a sculpture and master of physical anatomy will come into play when detailing the correct series of actions to get the result you are looking for.


Using all elements from the detailed analysis in your consultation, you will be provided with a treatment plan. It will be explained to you in detail and any questions will be fully answered. You will then begin the plan.

One unique factor to The Rifkin Method that may be included in your treatment plan is a recommendation for certain cosmetic injectables to help augment the final result. If needed, these services will be administered at the correct time during your treatment directly by Dr. Rifkin. Though not commonly considered a service received during dental treatment, that sentiment is changing rapidly when patients consider the level of knowledge about the face and mouth structure Dr. Rifkin has compared to the legion of newly trained or less experienced professionals who typically administer them.



The plan will commence with the next major step in The Rifkin Method, which will be using your dental impressions to create a “wax up”. This is a model of what your new teeth will look like and will be used to measure and adjust everything to perfection.

Things start to get very unique at this point because part of The Rifkin Method includes Dr. Rifkin’s very own in-house lab with his own Dental Ceramist who has decades of experience in the production of dental masterpieces. The combination of an award winning sculptor like Dr. Rifkin guiding the process and working closely with the in-house ceramist coalesces in porcelain veneers, dental crowns and other dental applications that are of such high-quality and color-matched perfection that patients are consistently amazed.

You will be moved through your treatment with temporary veneers placed while the final porcelain veneers are completed. Because of the in-house facilities and skill of Dr. Rifkin and his team, it is routine for patients to get temporaries that look so good that you might think you are done.

The overwhelming majority of dentists utilize an outside lab and ceramist, which often removes the ability for them to collaborate and directly work together during the process of creating the wax up, temporaries, and veneers. In some cases, other dentists may utilize a lab that could even be in a different city and have to ship these back and forth to complete the process. Not only can that add time to the process, it can also be a factor that effects quality.

It can’t be overstated how Dr. Rifkin's award-winning skills as a sculpture and artist combined with his in-house master ceramist are the key to creating a perfect set of teeth for you. This unique setup makes the results of The Rifkin Method reach that 100% quality level you desire and expect.



During the course of your treatment you will routinely see the use of an important tool in The Rifkin Method - a dental microscope. Dr. Rifkin will use this to measure and collect important information about your teeth. He will use this to place your temporaries and again when placing your final dental veneers or crown.

Few dental professionals are trained on the use of a dental microscope, and this unique skill is what allows Dr. Rifkin to precisely place the cosmetic dental pieces in your mouth with the greatest comfort and with the most attractive appearance. Use of the microscope plays a significant factor in treatment that avoids contact with your gums and thus doesn’t require the use of filler substances to push between your gum and tooth while placing veneers - something commonly used by the majority of other dentists and which can cause irritation or pain for individuals.



Once your final porcelain veneers or crowns are completed, you will have the temporaries removed and the final dental placements made. These will be carefully adjusted until you are not just pleased with the result, but you are thrilled with the new look.


At this point you will see the results of such attention being paid to every fine detail. You will see why Dr. Rifkin’s skill as a sculptor, his in-house dental lab, decades of experience, use of a dental microscope, and perfected treatment methods have become The Rifkin Method.

The Rifkin Method is the defining reason so many other dentists and patients consider Dr. Rifkin the best dentist in Beverly Hills. You deserve a professional that makes sure every portion of your treatment is just right and the result is exceptional.

Contact Dr. Rifkin’s office today to begin your treatment.


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USC School of Dentistry – Former Faculty Member

UCLA School of Dentistry – Former Faculty Member

Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

American and European Academies of Esthetic Dentistry

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery


Highlighting Dr. Rifkin’s role as a luminary in the field of aesthetic medicine is the fact that he is among the few dentists who—being recognized as an aesthetic leader even beyond the field of dentistry—can claim the honor of being selected for membership to the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Combining cosmetic surgery principles with dentistry is a rare passion. Doing it exceedingly well for the better part of 40 years is a legacy. As a renowned international lecturer, Dr. Rifkin addresses dental and cosmetic surgery academies all over the world.